The class war comes for the Toronto Star

When a hate-read is widely loathed

Trying to bait new subscribers with this tweet brought on a backlash for the Toronto Star: behind the paywall was a 28-year-old Botox, pot and booze enthusiast admitting she’s not smart. But so goes the attention game the paper’s new owners will have to decide how to play, now that the sale of Torstar was green-lit after minor dissent.

Brothers are going on the grill

Testifying before a House of Commons finance committee might shed light on more of the workings of We Charity, as one watchdog prepared a tip sheet of things to ask the Kielburgers. (Justin Trudeau’s questioning comes Thursday.) Pollsters speculate that We’s reputation is at risk, but it’s lost RBC as a sponsor atop others.

A longtime Cirque du Soleil manager got a job at Rideau Hall. Brigitte Carbonneau’s appointment as chief of staff and special adviser to Julie Payette comes at a time when the governor general is the focus of a probe into allegations about a toxic workplace. Cirque recently filed for bankruptcy, but secured creditors have filed a stalking horse bid to take ownership.

Bullets are begging questions

Tory Lanez is the subject of a petition to have the U.S. government deport him back to Canada amidst unanswered questions about an alleged fight with fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion. She ended up shot in each foot before Lanez was arrested on a concealed firearms charge. But her update about the incident didn’t mention Lanez:

You’d think that the cheese slipped off the cracker with these people.” Doug Ford’s condemnation of a 200-person house party in Brampton, Ontario, ranks with his calling lockdown protestors as “a bunch of yahoos.” The snack analogy isn’t new for Ford, whether it was inspired by The Green Mile or, possibly, a volume of The Baby-Sitters Club.

Finally, jeans remain creamed

Barenaked Ladies launched a series of self-isolated performances with their update of Bruce Cockburn’s “Lovers in a Dangerous Time,” an anthem for the early darkness of quarantine. And now it’s been four months, and the 21st of these SelfieCamJam videos gets around to recruiting Rough Trade to remake a song whose legacy includes SCTV: