Scanning our way back to more normal

And the new Neil Young at the end

The vaccination verification system launch required some explaining in Ontario, because the government app is for scanning QR codes—but individuals are left to their own devices in how to preserve the proof. Meanwhile, the province is still forcing restaurants to wait on lifting capacity limits, pending the long-awaited end of reopening.

Print out this politician promise

Chrystia Freeland flew to multilateral meetings in Washington, D.C., where she offered a spot of optimism about the pandemic’s end. But the deputy PM also said “the rules are the rules” when asked about the chance of removing PCR testing at the Canadian border. Ottawa is still officially discouraging all non-essential travel.

November 8 is the date that the U.S. will open its land borders to Canada again. But the exact conditions remain unclear, despite hopes of harmonized policies. For now, U.S. authorities don’t recognize mixed COVID-19 vaccines as fully jabbed status, but fears that this would limit border crossings for many Canadians have been allayed by America.

New definition of everywhere

Rogers acquiring Citytv in 2007 was the result of the CRTC ruling that what was then CTVglobemedia had to sell certain stations as a condition of buying CHUM Limited. The consolidations kept on coming, and the distinctive legacy of Citytv fell by the wayside. But a renewed effort to revive its pulse on multiple platforms involves radio:

Single-event sports betting is the new cannabis.” The proclamation is a headline for a column by Steve McAllister for Torstar, as the publisher is readying its NorthStar Gaming side of the business. But several other players are lining up for action. Of course, it also didn’t take long for it to seem like there was way too much legal weed.

Finally, a song of the seasons

Neil Young moving back to Omemee with wife Daryl Hannah last year fulfilled the North Ontario longings he once sang about, and was on-brand for him wanting to steer clear of crowds during the pandemic. But during the summer, he travelled to a barn in the mountains of Colorado to make an album with Crazy Horse, previewed with this track: