Scamming the scanner at the self-checkout

Before the facial recognition arrives

British academic research on the extent of losses from self-checkout has been given a second life thanks to Canadian retailer reliance on the technology. This comes in the wake of a Medicine Hat, Alberta, man who allegedly switched bar codes on action figures and DVD box sets. Shopper surveillance can only get more invasive.

Name a more iconic HNIC duo

The selfie siblings at the Leafs game in Pittsburgh weren’t hard to find after his frowning reflex went viral. Naturally, more folks initially tuned in to see what Ron MacLean would say about Don Cherry: “Coach’s Corner is no more,” decreed the Hockey Night in Canada host in a monologue that ended a long week of poppy talk.

Right now she does modelling when the opportunity presents itself.” Marcella Zoia’s lawyer Greg Leslie updated the media on the life of Chair Girl leading up to her guilty plea for tossing furniture off a 45th-floor condo balcony in February. Leslie said that her anxiety is exacerbated by the prospect of being sentenced to jail time in early 2020.

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Where there’s smoke there’s law

After dreams of widespread cannabis advertising were preempted by government, e-cigarette marketing is being vapourized in Toronto. But the vaping industry found a loophole in Instagram influencers, who’ve revived the heyday of cigarette marketing:

Evan Solomon returns to the daily TV goat rodeo. Don Martin is retiring soon from CTV’s Power Play and will be replaced by Solomon—who was fired from CBC’s Power & Politics in 2015 due to his art-dealing sideline. (Bell Media hired him less than one year later.)

Not young, not wild, but free

Triumph, the Mississauga rock trio that first reunited two decades after their breakup (with two 2008 concerts held in Sweden and Oklahoma), hosted a “Superfan Fantasy” at Metalworks Studios to feed a forthcoming film, Triumph: Lay it On the Line. The band’s display of memorabilia came with live music, for the requisite rockumentary wrap-up: