Sam Oosterhoff’s office is definitely not a library

Enraged grannies invite a thrown book

The youngest MPP, who previously called police about his home address being shared on Twitter, had his constituency office visited by a retiree book club. Their “read-in” was a silent protest against cuts to the Southern Ontario Library Service. Oosterhoff, who wasn’t there, said that the cops were called to help clear the room for confidential constituent meetings.

“John Liberal” has a terrible ring to it

The slow race to replace Kathleen Wynne as Ontario Liberal leader has a theoretical new twist, if you can take this Corbett Communications poll seriously. Its conclusion is that John Tory would beat Doug Ford if a provincial election were held tomorrow, assuming Tory somehow became a Liberal. 

The entire media is standing by to find out if Marcella Zoia’s urine is clean. “Chair Girl” lawyer Greg Leslie is publicizing the fact that his client took a drug test after her own Instagram video showed her in the presence of what she hastily described as “Coca-Cola.”

Life after alt-weeklies is more monthly

Three years after leaving Now Magazine, which he co-founded in 1981, Michael Hollett is atop the masthead of BeatRoute, a nightlife freesheet that’s expanding to Toronto:

Leslie Roberts bounces back to breakfast television. After leaving his anchor job at Global, where he promoted his own PR clients on camera, Roberts got a job at Bell Media, on the radio at CJAD Montreal. And soon, he’ll be the Ottawa host of CTV Morning Live

Daniel Dale will keep counting

After the leak of an internal memo about him quitting the Toronto Star, the Trump fact-checker was interviewed in public, and said that he’ll do similar work elsewhere:

Torstar claimed a one-time gain of $18 million in digital media tax credits. That reduced the publisher’s quarterly loss to $7.4 million, leaving $52 million in cash or cash equivalents. (Paid digital news subscriptions rose from about 10,000 to 15,000.)

Finally, a step away from Keanu

KeanuCon, the recent Keanu Reeves film festival in Glasgow, earned a write-up from GQ. Among its screenings: One Step Away, a 1985 NFB production, which the agency still promotes as relevant for understanding how families cope with crisis situations: