Ron MacLean’s turn to feel like Don Cherry

Breaking out the notes app apology

The host of Hockey Night in Canada is sorry for what he said about a photo of Sportsnet analyst Anthony Stewart enjoying a rum party while shirtless being a sign of “definitely testing positive for something.” Ron MacLean’s apology was backed up with a statement from Rogers, which also emphasized his history of supporting equity.

The price of media retribution

A lawsuit against the CBC and four journalists was filed just prior to Michelle Latimer sharing the research into her own Algonquin and Métis ancestry. Disputations of it led to the cancellation of her series Trickster and withdrawal of her documentary Inconvenient Indian. CBC News later talked to critics of what Latimer had to say.

Two-dose summer dreams are coming for some. AstraZeneca vials are reaching Toronto pharmacies for a sequel to shots administered in mid-March, by using vaccines that have a May 31 expiry date. The push to shorten that second jab window to 10 weeks from 12 is likely negligible, but Ontario now has one case of blood clot death in a man in his 40s who received AZ.

Calgary stampedes over CNE

The planned reopening of Ontario appears increasingly timid compared to other provinces, although tying the roadmap to COVID-19 case rates means Queen’s Park could accelerate things. But the rebound scenes in mid-July are still destined to be quieter than Calgary, where its Stampede will proceed, albeit without an opening parade:

Matthew Perry is no longer offering $999 videos on Cameo. Friends: The Reunion paid him somewhere around $2.5 million, but Perry’s withdrawal from selling shout-outs stirred more concern over his slurred speech. A source claimed that Perry’s appearance in the special was entirely the byproduct of emergency dental work.

Finally, it’s the Kids in the Hall