Rogers makes a socially distanced deal

With hopes of subsuming Shaw

One family telecommunications company bought another, although completing the deal, valued at $26 billion, is subject to regulatory approval—which the players are confident will happen. The purchase of Shaw by Rogers includes assurance to boost connectivity in Western Canada, but no promises are being made toward ending stories about customer billing debacles.

This Lamb has stayed silent

The tale of nine Toronto tenants told to vacate four technically illegal lofts above an auto repair shop due to potentially lethal levels of carbon monoxide revealed the same thing has happened before. But this go around comes with a celebrity landlord: Brad J. Lamb, aspiring to build 18 storeys at the gentrifying Bloor Street West address, didn’t reply to questions concerning the evictions.

Regulating online speech isn’t the state’s job.” Canadian Constitution Foundation executive director Joanna Baron declared victory in a court challenge over new Elections Act sections that forbid making certain false statements during a campaign. The law was struck down and declared unconstitutional for restricting free speech.

What baby mama talk wrought

The earlier curiosity over where in the world Drake’s son was attending preschool was answered by the fact that Adonis’s mother, Sophie Brussaux, continued to develop a non-profit based in Toronto. Now freed from post-Aruba quarantine, her vision of helping artists use social media to get on the radar is putting more of a public face on Arts Help:

Kaytranada was happy to grab a couple Grammys. While advance headlines for the awards were dominated by the Weeknd lashing out about its “secret committees,” they provided two trophies for the Montreal DJ. And though Justin Bieber stayed home after feeling snubbed in the R&B category, he ended up winning for a country song.

Finally, at the speed of Rush

Crown Lands emerged as a psychedelic blues duo from Oshawa, Ontario, with a socially conscious lyrical bent inspired by being half Jewish and half Indigenous. But in the wake of their self-titled debut album, the act is attempting an ambitious pivot to prog-rock by paying determined tribute to Rush over both sides of a high-pitched single: