Robbie Robertson aims for a big third act

The Band’s legacy is just one part

A duet with Van Morrison heralds the announcement of a new album by Robbie Robertson that draws some inspiration from his childhood in Toronto, the city where a documentary about his years of leading a band called the Band will kick off TIFF.

“Ka’Wine and Dine” is tipped

“I took advantage of that,” Kawhi Leonard said with a laugh during his first press conference as a member of the L.A. Clippers. It was his first forum to formally thank Toronto, because he doesn’t have the social media accounts required “to put out a paragraph or whatever.”

Loblaw blames sluggish sales on an algorithm. A reduced number of discounted items across Loblaw stores resulted from a data-driven pricing formula focused on increasing profit. But the “overzealous” use of that algorithm will now be tweaked.

Ontario Place’s big nostalgia trip

Playground designer Eric McMillan left his mark everywhere that there’s a ball pit—but he’s still happy to talk about his greatest early 1970s creation, which no longer exists:

David Caplan dead at 54. The 14-year Liberal MPP once served as Ontario’s health minister, a post he resigned amidst the eHealth spending scandal. Caplan’s political comeback efforts included seeking the nomination for a run to become the MP for Don Valley North.

Finally, close enough for Cancon

Jia Tolentino was born in Toronto, although her family moved to Houston when she was four. This vestigial association will increasingly be taken as a point of Canadian pride, based on the anticipation that surrounds Trick Mirror: