Rob Ford saga is getting a better screen shot

That’s the dream for this anyhow

The creative team for the next attempt to tell the story of Rob Ford makes it seem way more promising than the largely disliked Run This Town or an earlier fictionalization whose filmmaker Doug Ford threatened to run over. What the early 2010s Toronto mayoral psychodrama aficionados crave is the abject horror, which this offering might deliver.

Stormtrooper of take-out food

Lethbridge, Alberta, police launched an internal investigation into how a 19-year-old woman working at Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina was ordered to the ground, with a gun pulled on her, in response to a complaint about her plastic Star Wars stormtrooper firearm. International attention to the incident followed it getting caught on tape.

Falun Gong continues fighting against CBC News. The Epoch Times newspaper was the focus of a report whose headline was changed, among other corrections, amidst accusations that its blaming COVID-19 on Chinese Communists was rooted in racism. Canada Post was paid to deliver the free issue, which has a defender in Conrad Black.

The six-million-dollar grab

While the BloomCam continues to roll, Toronto is prepared to reopen High Park as soon as the cherry blossoms end—leaving no reason to sneak inside. But there’s a number attached to the fines handed out across Canada over the violation of social distancing bylaws: $5.8 million and counting, according to Policing the Pandemic:

Grimes has a gender-neutral definition for X Æ A-12 Musk. While she corroborated the weirdest celebrity baby name, for what Elon Musk initially said was his seventh son, the pronunciation remains unclear. (Also, to correct yesterday’s newsletter: Elon didn’t graduate from Queen’s University—the school hails him as an alum non-grad.)

Finally, you’re tearing me apart

Room Full of Spoons, an unauthorized Canadian documentary about Tommy Wiseau, had its 2017 release halted by an injunction from its subject. The enigmatic filmmaker behind The Room claimed it invaded his privacy, violated his copyright and tarnished his reputation. Wiseau lost on all counts, and it’ll cost him about $700,000: