R.I.P. Dave “Bookie” Bookman, friend of everyone

A Toronto radio DJ pal like no other

After moving from Ottawa to Toronto to be a folk singer, campus radio host turned club booker Dave Bookman became best known as an indie-rock champion on 102.1 the Edge, between 1991 and 2012. He joined Indie88 when that station launched, a job that involved talking a lot between its midday playlist. Bookie suffered a brain aneurysm on April 12.

On the highway back to BiWay

Orillia isn’t the only place for developments involving the faded retailer. Signs for a BiWay $10 Store, slated to open in August, have appeared in Toronto at 5990 Bathurst.

Collision launch falls to Justin Trudeau. Yet the PM didn’t tell the tech conference anything about his proposed digital charter. That job went to the Toronto Star, with an article highlighting an emphasis on helping Canadians to control their personal data

The new age of arm crossers

MPP Sam Oosterhoff’s views on abortion led to him being swarmed by protestors after a community coffee. But opposition to the Ontario PCs isn’t just a job for grannies:

There’s never a wrong time to beat up on Bessarion. The least-used Toronto subway station is always ready for ridicule. While it’s increasingly surrounded by signs of life, transit advocates think Bessarion’s real legacy is a caution against future bad planning.

Rainbow Railroad’s third of 60 Minutes

The organization based in Toronto, which saves LGBT citizens from hostile countries, was featured on 60 Minutes. The segment also noted its assistance from frequent flier points.

Robert Hackborn dead at 90. He was a scenic artist at CBC Television from 1955 to 1993, where he worked on shows from Juliette to Kids in the Hall. Some of the stuff Hackborn designed for Fraggle Rock has been archived.

Finally, no apologies for “shit faced”

Mayochup, a new condiment from Heinz, has an unfortunate meaning in Cree. The CBC host who drew wide attention to this got a response indicating that the company acknowledges the translation. But they’ll keep selling it in stores:

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