Richard and Rana Florida’s rant about the border

Which involves a puppy and bananas

Twitter replies were less than kind to Richard and Rana Florida’s column about getting detained at Pearson—and a letter to the Toronto Star wonders why the urban academic and his wife haven’t become citizens after living here for 12 years. But the rant led Canadian Border Services to reach out to them. (Also, they found backup from Jay-Z.)

Warren Kinsella is now lurking

The Tyee got no response to questions posed to political strategist Warren Kinsella about his gig with the Greens. The team-up puts a new lens on his relentless Twitter fighting (and blocking) about topics whose connection to his consulting is usually undisclosed.

People are going to make horrendous personal mistakes and I can obviously speak from personal experience on that one. Tony Clement is a main source for a Canadian Press article contemplating whether the parliamentary workload is going to eventually kill someone. At any rate, Clement is now keeping himself cleaner on Instagram.

An extra shot of sincerity

Starbucks is going to be delivering through Uber Eats. Meanwhile, the guy who earned press attention for protesting the closure of a Starbucks store in Toronto wants it known that he’s entirely genuine about the campaign:

Hodan Nalayeh dead at 43. The founder of Toronto-based Integration TV was killed in a Somalian extremist attack, along with her husband and 24 others. Nalayeh had recently returned to her birthplace to expand her English-language reporting on Somalia.

Finally, the day after Roxodus

MF Live, the company behind the weekend festival that wasn’t, has $154,000 in cash and $18.127 million in liabilities. According to its bankruptcy filing, $5 million is owed to Eventbrite, the website that rapidly refunded Roxodus tickets on its own dime.

The last days of disco in Toronto. All roads lead to “Steal My Sunshine” in Retrontario, the new newsletter coming to your inbox sometime Monday afternoon, if you’re subscribed:

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