Remember the day Don Cherry was cancelled

The culture war’s oldest casualty

“I could’ve stayed on if I wanted to and knuckled under, and turned into a simp, but that’s not my style,” said Don Cherry about the end of his run on Hockey Night in Canada, which came following a rant about “you people” not wearing Remembrance Day poppies. But after four decades of Coach’s Corner, it means Rogers will save money.

The defending of Don Cherry

Social media pressure was blamed for rousing complaints, which works both ways when petitions start flying. Remembrance Day can now be remembered as the day Don Cherry got fired. (But the Toronto Old City Hall Cenotaph was vandalized overnight.)

American writer comes to town to school you on the “neoliberal bullshit” of Justin Trudeau. Lauren Duca’s book tour for How to Start a Revolution reaches Toronto, at the Hot Docs Cinema. The former columnist for Teen Vogue has made her own share of enemies, which Duca addressed in her newsletter tirade about being crucified by clickbait.

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War on reluctant bag checks

Canadian Civil Liberties Association head Michael Bryant has a new fight: retailers demanding customers show their receipt and bags before exiting the store. If no consent is provided, anyone has the right to refuse:

Drake getting booed off stage at Tyler, the Creator’s music festival, explained. A video of Camp Flog Gnaw attendees wishing the surprise opener was Frank Ocean had Drizzy replying with a troll that he plans to return there for the next 10 years. But maybe kids today aren’t thrilled by a 33-year-old whose mansion has been built with a singing toilet.

No form of a question in here

Alex Trebek signed on as a spokesman for the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition. In a PSA, he expresses a wish that he got his persistent stomach pain checked out sooner. His battle also inspired this emotionally viral moment that closed an episode of Jeopardy: