Reality bites into pizza shaped like Garfield

When every day is like Monday

Garfield Eats is blaming landlord disputes during the pandemic for the end of its viral storefront in Toronto. But more sobering stories about restaurant closures were sure to follow the continued indoor dining restrictions. King Street Company, the owner of multiple upscale eateries, entered creditor protection after accruing a $34-million debt.

Seeing deeper shades of red

Queen’s Park opting to raise the numbers on COVID-19 restriction categories to four times higher than the recommendations of its own public health agency was revealed by the Toronto Star in the face of an ever-rising daily case count in Ontario. Quebec has continued to expand red-zone restrictions with the hope of decreasing their cases.

Fears that a fight club broke out at McGill University. Circulation of a detailed flyer for a “Fight Night” with restless student residents led security to investigate, but they didn’t see anything. Nonetheless, the Montreal Gazette reported on one video of two people grappling while dozens watch under what looks like lights of Forbes Field.

Team Trudeau’s tell-all time

The recent stories about how MP Yasmin Ratansi allegedly mistreated staff who exposed her employing her sister with a fake name were followed by the revelation that heritage minister Steven Guilbeault broke his promise to not drive a car. And soon, critics of Justin Trudeau will get an entire book to read about what it’s like to work under him:

I knew about being funny, but I didn't know the late-night machine.” Lilly Singh talked to Glamour about her frustrating first season of hosting A Little Late, which has remained in pre-pandemic reruns but remains renewed to return in 2021. In the interim, NBC sent Singh back to her bedroom video roots for Sketchy Times.

Finally, this is now existence

Extremely Online is a continuation of This Exists, in which host Sam Sutherland probed the depths of the internet. The new series was made for Bell’s Fibe TV, whose community channels were recently forced to get less promotional. But it’d also make no sense to keep a study of quarantine things like a Minecraft Music Festival off YouTube: