Rage against the machine of a masked media

The ribs keep falling off their bone

Doug Ford “can’t get angry” at Adam Skelly, whose decision to break the province’s Toronto lockdown orders by inviting people to eat at his indoor tables led to a circus scene. The owner of Adamson Barbecue also voiced his opinion about media outlets who came out in droves. What politicians and police might do still remains to be seen.

Rage against the vaccine speed

Canada’s inability to match the U.S. and U.K. timelines for rolling out COVID-19 vaccines before the end of 2020 is due to a lack of domestic manufacturing capabilities, explained Justin Trudeau, who’s back to speaking from home. Meanwhile, the Ontario auditor general’s new report is critical of how the province responded to the pandemic.

Penguin Random House Staff Confront Publisher About New Jordan Peterson Book.” Vice got the story about tearfully dismayed internal reactions to the announcement of Beyond Order. But the 12 Rules for Life sequel was first announced two years ago. The book also navigated internal criticism at the American office.

Pho giving way to forgiveness

Did you hear the one about the Toronto broth bar accused of cultural appropriation? The clothing store that hosted the pop-up from Ripe Nutrition ditched the deal in the wake of accusations, and many reactions were typed. But after the Golden Turtle restaurant was dragged into things, its owner responded by initiating a partnership with Ripe Nutrition:

The Weeknd sees corruption behind a shutout from the Grammys. After being showered with other music awards, he accused the Recording Academy of lacking transparency because he turned down its performance invitation in favour of the Super Bowl. But the Grammy chief said that isn’t how these nominations are determined.

Finally, decoding a lively obit

Claire Kent died at age 96 on May 16, but a newspaper death notice took half a year to appear, referencing an intriguing media career. Starting in 1947, she co-hosted The Jay and Ginger Show on Toronto radio station CKEY, and was billed as Claire Olsen for two decades on TV, which included doing interviews for the Barrie-based Show Biz: