Québécois dubbing can revive ‘The Simpsons’

More popular than a Trudeau cameo

Detailing how The Simpsons has been dubbed into French, with a distinctive translation for Quebec, turned into a big Twitter thread hit.

Ontario Place’s chlorine dream

The prospect of building an indoor spa was shelved before, but it’s now back on the radar of those who are deciding what to do with derelict space at Ontario Place. Vienna-based Therme Group hired local lobbyists who have started pitching the project to politicians.

A Week In Toronto, ON, On A $60,000 Salary.” With only its fifth try, the Canadian edition of Refinery29 had a hate-reading heyday for its “Money Diaries” feature, thanks to a 24-year-old’s very emotional accounting of terrible diarrhea and TTC fare evasion.

Canadian columnist ping-pong

Michael Coren recently earned his masters degree in divinity, as part of an ideological pivot that has largely played out online—to the ongoing bewilderment of some old allies:

Cineplex concession revenue is now $7.04 per patron. The statistic was newsworthy when it first hit $5, five years ago, before they started delivering popcorn via UberEats.

Finally, digs of Chandler Bing

Matthew Perry, who has laid low ever since talking about beating up schoolmate Justin Trudeau, is back in the tabloids shortly before he turns 50. Chandler from Friends is reportedly living like a hermit in a New York hotel, while his L.A. condo is up for sale: