Prince Andrew canned by more than his mum

Canadian monarchists must cringe

The school Prince Andrew attended in 1977 won’t renew his honourary chair status and the Canadian Canoe Museum is surely finished with him. The prince’s sweaty ties to Jeffrey Epstein are the culmination of a fascination that, 37 years ago, led to a lousy movie starring Andy’s girlfriend Koo Stark to draw an audience to a Toronto porn theatre.

Le français est pour le peuple

Parlez-moi with Sol the Clown may no longer be on TVO, but the premier thinks he can master a second language, anyhow. Doug Ford was also asked about Ford Nation friend Don Cherry but stuck to saying everyone should wear a poppy. This week, it was also revealed that the family asked the city to not name a street after Rob Ford.

Ontario court strikes down the opt-out for certain student fees. An appeal of the Student Choice Initiative was led by campus groups, including the radio stations and newspapers that faced funding cuts. (The media opt-in at Ryerson was less than half.)

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Gimmie shelter from the storm

The bankruptcy auction from Roxodus is now underway. The company behind the Edenvale, Ontario, festival disaster owes more than $18 million to creditors, who seemingly remain unpaid. Auction items include a lot of 38,000 frosted cups:

Drake’s sports restaurant shut down due to $67,514.73 in unpaid rent. Pick 6ix opened in February 2018 as a pricey Toronto hangout to the stars, specializing in sushi. It closed by August after a flooding, then reopened in March with pub fare. Well, that didn’t seem to work either. (6ix God must have higher hopes for branding weed.)

Taking a used album personally

Dave Bookman, who died in May at age 58, is having his record collection sold off as a fundraiser for education charity MusiCounts. Raju Mudhar of the Toronto Star talked to those who covet Bookie’s well-worn vinyl LPs of Pet Sounds and Blood on the Tracks.

Sweet finds today at Bookies LP sale supporting @musicounts. Honoured to have his live bootleg Squeeze album. WHICH by the way is called ‘Anatomy of a burger’ and not whatever the hell I called it in the video. Excuse the dyslexic moment. @indie88toronto #indie88
November 21, 2019