Politicians get back to facing a crowd

With a focus other than the pandemic

Plenty of politicians joined the vigil for four members of the Muslim family killed in a London, Ontario, attack for which police are still looking into possible terrorism charges. The deaths also brought wider reflection of how Islamophobia played a role in political messaging. An imam also connected this tragedy to hostilities in Israel and Gaza.

Digging for truth in Portapique

Veteran investigative reporter Paul Palango has been uncovering details surrounding last year’s Nova Scotia attacks, published by the Halifax edition of Frank Magazine. The publication of 911 calls from Portapique was condemned by the public inquiry into the mass killings. Palango followed it up with leaked security tapes from gas stations.

The Church-Wellesley Village BIA would like to remove the statue of Alexander Wood. A letter to Toronto’s mayor notes that the Scottish merchant celebrated as a gay icon had a role in funding residential schools. Meanwhile, after the head of Egerton Ryerson was tossed into Lake Ontario, his namesake school is pondering next steps.

No space for The Simpsons

Global TV announced a fall lineup with a decidedly senior citizen skew in tandem with other Canadian broadcasters forced to navigate the post-pandemic programming from Hollywood. The upfront from Citytv was much less scripted: the schedule includes adapting two franchises, and reducing its reliance on reruns of Mom from 16 to four:

News Media Canada has another front page challenge. Members of the newspaper lobby group prominently printed another request for Justin Trudeau to rapidly deliver on promises of legislation to make Big Tech pay for links. But some Canadian publishers recently struck a deal with Facebook, and Google claims to be negotiating with others.

Finally, contempt by the cupful

William Amos urinating into a coffee cup during a virtual parliamentary proceedings was a prima facie case of contempt, ruled house speaker Anthony Rota, who endorsed further examination of the issue. This being the second infamous incident involving the Liberal MP has doubtlessly contributed to Amos taking some action to sort himself out: