Plenty of room at the Hotel Quarantina

Checking in isn’t for everyone

Three-day hotel quarantine for most international air travellers debuted in shambles, with stories like a boarding denied due to booking delays. Moreover, ignoring the rules upon arrival appears to result in a fine that’s lower than the cost of a hotel.

Memelords faceplant overtime

The federal NDP were widely roasted for lampooning Justin Trudeau’s agenda for chatting with Joe Biden, while evidently matching wits with Erin O’Toole’s pledge to send the PM to an outhouse. But the Zoom summit was a friendly affair, which followed a teaming with Australia to legally force American web giants to pay other media.

Deciem is now worth more to Estée Lauder. “The Abnormal Beauty Company” based in Toronto has a $2.2-billion valuation, with its American multinational stake on the path to full ownership. Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe had a string of social media incidents prior to being removed as CEO three months before he fell to his death.

A bet that’s set for a big payoff

While cable cord-cutting is helping kill off cable specialty channels, the Headline Sports station operation’s 2012 pivot to a mobile app looked increasingly clever as more U.S. states legalized digital gambling. And with Canada closer to following suit, Score Media’s plan for a listing on Nasdaq is turning out to look like a pretty good roll:

The drawback of having a Canadian drama air in America. Nurses sounded like a discount acquisition for NBC in lieu of pandemic production delays. But attention to how a storyline portrayed Hasidic Jews as averse to transplants from the “goyim” prompted condemnation from B’nai Brith Canada one year after its airing on Global.

Finally, blessing Mother Nature

“It’s Raining Men” is being inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, based on its ubiquity beyond the 1982 Weather Girls version. Paul Shaffer was never much of a composer, but he co-wrote it with the late disco maven Paul Jabara. The tune was then referenced throughout Shaffer’s decades with David Letterman: