Playing the politics around a political cartoon

New Brunswick’s media gets noticed

Brunswick News denied that cartoonist Michael de Adder lost his contract of 17 years as a result of drawing Donald Trump golfing next to two drowned migrants. (The newspaper chain said it had already planned to cut de Adder loose.) But de Adder claims that the owners disliked his politics, which is why he stopped giving them pieces about Trump.

Mandarin unites a waiting nation

The fifth time that proof of citizenship was required to get free Canada Day food from the Chinese buffet chain brought on more backlash than ever. And yet, any non-citizen willing to spend hours in line at Mandarin was evidently fed for free in the end.

For the next 15 minutes it’s buck-a-beer—courtesy of Doug Ford. Mick Jagger cracked this joke during the Rolling Stones concert at Burl’s Creek. He also made reference to the Raptors jacket recently favoured by John Tory: “He’s still wearing that dirty blazer.”

“Consumer SOS” gets a workout

The closure of Track Fitness sent Sean O’Shea seeking answers from its owner—which resulted in this bucolic pursuit through the leafy streets of midtown Toronto:

Finally, a Carlton Street cash-out

Yolanda Ballard, whose claim to the Toronto Maple Leafs was the subject of an epic skirmish three decades ago, has turned up in the serialized Lego life story of Harold Ballard, as the 100-day project nears completion: