Peter Nygard dressed for being under arrest

A mask accessorized the track pants

Court time for Peter Nygard followed his arrest in Winnipeg, where the fashion mogul will be kept behind bars pending possible extradition to New York due to alleged sex trafficking. (His son is among the relieved.) Meanwhile in Montreal, a court acquitted Just for Laughs founder Gilbert Rozon on charges of rape and indecent assault.

Circuit-breaking circumstances

An extended holiday break will be Quebec’s strategy to try getting the COVID-19 caseload under control, and Ontario cities are wondering if they should do something similar. But for now, lockdown disparities result in situations like Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton extending hours, likely drawing more shoppers, to the chagrin of its mayor.

I just say whatever they write down for me.” A hot mic caught this quip from Ontario’s associate chief medical officer of health, Barbara Yaffe. It received enough social media attention for her to explain it was just banter with her boss David Williams about the carefully prepared paperwork.

Wok heated over Hong Kong

Graffiti that appeared in Vancouver with questions about Canada’s relationship with China reflected growing attention to the corresponding problems. Another battleground has become the Pepper Wok restaurant in Richmond Hill, Ontario, which has faced negative online reviews and other attacks driven by politics on display:

Pornhub is being sued by 40 victims of a sex trafficking operation. Women who appeared in Girls Do Porn clips uploaded on the Montreal-based website are demanding a total of $40 million in damages after Pornhub purged 10 million videos whose users were unverified. Ottawa is still looking to have a word with the owners in winter.

Finally, fall of the Great One

Wayne Gretzky has made his share of autumn news: from his Toronto restaurant closing to being on the first hockey card to sell for more than $1 million to getting dressed by Drake. But the action circled back to his hometown, where police recovered more than $635,000 worth of items reported missing from Walter’s house: