Our current state summed up by Justin Trudeau

Three words everyone must relate to

Warnings of a tough winter ahead included the prime minister conceding his earlier optimism about Canada still having a shot at Christmas celebrations is on the brink of being shot down. Justin Trudeau noted how his six-year-old son asked, “Dad, is COVID-19 forever?” but reinforced hope for next spring and summer, with a vaccine.

A senator’s strangest mistake

Notice of one Lynn Beyak making a $300 contribution to the Republican National Committee led the twice-suspended Canadian senator’s office to admit it was her, but also sloughed it off as an “error” to regret. Foreigners are prohibited from making contributions to U.S. campaigns, no matter how much they impact Canada.

Sam Oosterhoff still hasn’t been demoted. Despite more grilling about a group photo, and the restaurant where it was taken saying Oosterhoff flouted the rules, the Ontario MPP retains a parliamentary assistant role. Meanwhile, a Toronto Catholic school music teacher who tested positive for COVID-19 has been charged for failing to wear a mask.

Tims tries predicting a future

Pursuing press for stuff like retiring double cups for reliable sleeves and testing reusable delivery systems for its food and drink seem like part of trying to reverse Tim Hortons’ slide during the pandemic. Restaurant Brands International is also targeting cars with its new predictive selling technology:

Hudson’s Bay is suing a landlord for failing to adapt to COVID-19. A statement of claim from the department store alleges that Oxford Properties no longer runs “first class shopping centres.” The filing followed HBC getting sued for allegedly not paying rent: Quebec mall owner Cominar also brought a motion to evict these anchor tenants.

Finally, after the end of taste

Celine Dion finds her song “Water on the Moon” coming technically true at the same time she’s been deemed bankable for box offices. Aline, The Voice of Love, a French film freely inspired by her life, is set for global cinema distribution. Next, a Hollywood adaptation of the effects of the Dionaissance will include a role for the singer herself: