Ottawa promises not to monitor memes

Your trolling seems safe for now

Growing concern over social media posts risking regulation through an amended Broadcasting Act has led the federal Liberals to promise tweaks to Bill C-10. Steven Guilbeault promises a “crystal clear” clarification: the heritage minister previously struggled with explaining it, but found some fans by framing it as battling Big Tech.

Fading away from the fire

Questions about the scathing reports on Ontario’s long-term care crisis were met with minister Merrilee Fullerton dodging reporters’ questions following her previous deflection of blame. Doug Ford’s government has started preparing for the 2022 election by hiring familiar lobbyist Kory Teneycke, a job destined to involve navigating pandemic dissatisfaction.

Two advisors to the Rogers Fashion Institute have now resigned. Ryerson University appearing to override departmental condemnation of a photo posted by Suzanne Rogers of her family posing with Donald Trump was followed by more fallout. Neither the school nor Rogers Communications were responding to inquiries on the topic of donor politics.

Save your tears for another

Spring has sprung a Billboard Hot 100 topper for all three Canadian chart stalwarts: Drake, Justin Bieber and the Weeknd revived a rotation of 2020, with Ariana Grande as a common duet denominator. But while the “secret committees” of the Grammy Awards that rankled the Weeknd have been disbanded, he’s not buying this contrition:

The high hopes of Overstory Media Group. A goal of 50 community media outlets, staffed by 250 journalists, was announced by the company that’s so far put down roots in several B.C. markets, plus the news explainer Decomplicated. Meanwhile, a million bucks arrived in the Toronto bank of sports-for-women outlet The Gist.

Finally, the call of the mall

Phil Naro, the rock vocalist who died at age 63 after a battle with tongue cancer, was born in Rochester but largely worked in Toronto. Brushes with fame included a stint with Buffalo bar band Talas, which recently recorded a reunion. But the biggest hit from Naro was the theme he wrote and recorded for the Canadian animated series 6teen: