October begins on a beach with Trudeau

Your daily burrito is back this month

The first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation culminated in headlines for Justin Trudeau contradicting his itinerary in Tofino, B.C., where evidence of him in vacation mode brought a backlash. Still, the bigger international story is a new claim that Donald Trump once said the PM’s mom was intimate with “all of the Rolling Stones.”

Supremes side with Doug Ford

Queen’s Park reducing the number of Toronto city council seats to 25 from 47 while campaigns for the 2018 municipal election were underway was constitutional enough for five Supreme Court justices. The notwithstanding clause can be used for a future government to prevent this scenario, or cities can be given more power.

Sportsnet Radio is pretty much pivoting to podcasting. New lineups for the Fan radio stations prioritize the realities of on-demand listening combined with shows that rotate according to the sports season. Changes include bringing back Nick Kypreos to talk hockey, and yet another complete overhaul of its morning drive show in Toronto.

Area man makes career change

The announcement of Ben Mulroney leaving Your Morning on CTV for a production career with Bell Media ties got less attention than when he departed etalk amidst the fallout from his wife, Jessica, scrapping on Instagram. Mulroney’s sign-off included his parents and appreciation for being saved from life as a frustrated lawyer in Montreal:

I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about two-dimensional caricatures of either who I am or what defence lawyers are.” Marie Henein discussed her memoir, Nothing But the Truth, on The Current on CBC Radio, the former home of one client.

Finally, the most regular rapper

Shad is now 16 years into a recording career that first popped with his Will Smith parody, “The Old Prince Still Lives at Home.” It took a detour as he went from a replacement Q host to Netflix glory at the helm of Hip-Hop Evolution. Now he’s back to his own material, with a single about the right to be average: