No laughing about all of this fecal matter

Toronto under siege by dung puns

Poop Café was slapped with a conditional pass for Toronto food safety code violations at the toilet-themed dessert bar. The inspection came just before reports emerged of a man allegedly dumping buckets of “liquefied fecal matter” on five unsuspecting people. Samuel Opoku, 23, was arrested and charged for apparently random attacks.

A war room’s breakup subplot

Tapes corroborating earlier reports on a presumed Conservative-backed recruitment of Daisy Group was preceded by reporter Kaleigh Rogers texting Warren Kinsella with messages he perceived as personal. Kinsella also feels that CBC unfairly exposed his marital breakup with Lisa Kirbie, even though he initially made it public via his website.

Five good reasons to label this city ‘Ottawa the inept’.” Lansdowne Park, the library, the LRT, Château Laurier, and LeBreton Flats comprise Andrew Cohen’s alliterative listicle for the Ottawa Citizen. Meanwhile, mayor Jim Watson boosted a video from Shopify announcing it now has more than 1,000 employees in the capital.

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The collision with a chaser

The unsealing of search warrant documents regarding the Lake Joseph boat crash has led to Linda O’Leary’s lawyer denying that alcohol was a factor behind the wheel. She admitted to having had a drink of vodka prior the breathalyzer test, but after two people were fatally struck. The other boat’s navigation lights were turned off at the time:

TMX is looking into allegations made about its CEO. Lou Eccleston, who now heads the Toronto Stock Exchange’s parent company, was cited in a Business Insider article on past sexual harassment claims at Bloomberg LP. The story quoted witness statements, such as: “There are two ways to get ahead with Eccleston: Kiss his ass, kiss his penis.”

Terms of non-endearing service

Thinkspot, the social network fronted by Jordan Peterson, has expanded its public beta testing wide enough to reach those who aren’t fans. While a basic “platform subscription” is billed at the rate of $2.50 a month, access to all of JBP’s input and output is valued at $240 a year, even though that price is initially slashed in half: