New governor general sounds down-to-earth

Queen signs off on Mary Simon

Mary Simon’s career, which started as a CBC North reporter and has included being ambassador to Denmark along with work with Inuit communities, has reached a pinnacle to fill the vacancy left by Julie Payette. The announcement of Mary Simon as the next governor general comes amid speculation that she’ll soon be dissolving Parliament.

Change they didn’t ask for

Hudson’s Bay apologized for using a photo of lawyer Hadiya Roderique, taken from a Globe and Mail feature she wrote about being “Black on Bay Street,” after it appeared on donation boxes without any permissions. The department store’s Charter for Change was launched in May with a $30 million investment to accelerate racial equity by 2030.

Beverly Peele fears homelessness due to lacking child support from Peter Nygard. The American supermodel says her 17-year-old son is the result of a sexual assault by the Winnipeg fashion mogul, whose payments ended after his arrest last December. Nygard is fighting extradition to the U.S. over charges related to allegations he’s denied.

Riding into the CBC sunset

The end of Vinyl Tap on CBC Radio was explained as part of a shift to more diverse programming, but Randy Bachman is eager to revive it elsewhere. Meanwhile, a year after CBC News dissected the suspension of Wendy Mesley for saying what was initially referred to as “a word that should not be used,” her exit was reported with a basic wave:

Mary Weinrib dead at 95. The mother of Geddy Lee was a Holocaust survivor who took over running a Newmarket, Ontario, variety store after the death of her husband. She later plastered the windows with Rush posters and gave away their albums. Geddy and Mary recently appeared in Dave Grohl’s rock documentary series, From Cradle to Stage.

Finally, following up a hayloft

Mother Mother is the Vancouver band that found itself with three older tracks becoming popular enough on TikTok to get them millions of new streams last year. The story of this unexpected 15-year overnight success is charted in a couple of magazine features, accompanied by their effort to turn that attention into something more: