Netflix is part of the plans to spring back

Chill in the air of content regulation

The newly proposed Canadian sales tax on large foreign-based technology firms stands to include streaming services. It’s an approach that a panel recommended against for the likes of Netflix, in favour of forcing investment in Cancon. And so, debates about how digital media can be federally regulated show no sign of being over yet.

There’s no vaccine in that cup

Doug Ford got looking for a date as to when the COVID-19 vaccines might land in Ontario. Now he’s got one more call to make, as Janssen became the fourth company to submit shots for regulatory approval. While the processing pace remains uncertain, a poll concludes that Canadians aren’t worried about ending up at the back of the line.

The only thing missing in this ghost town are the tumbleweeds.” Joe Warmington took a walk around Yorkville for the Toronto Sun. The lockdown in Toronto has raised frustration among smaller retailers, but the province has claimed it’s too logistically difficult to force the big-box stores that remain open to be limited to essential aisles.

One less historic store to open

A week after its downtown Toronto flagship caused an uproar by trying to argue it could remain open due to a few shelves of dried goods, the Hudson’s Bay Company closed another of its historic buildings permanently. While the downtown Winnipeg location was originally slated to close in February, it shuttered without ceremony in lockdown:

MadFit was 2020’s biggest Canadian creator on YouTube. A fitness channel that Maddie Lymburner had perfectly positioned for pandemic popularity tops the lists for the past year. But when it came to trending on YouTube in Canada, a squirrel-proof bird feeder and a finale from Minecraft eclipsed the national attention to “Speaking Moistly.”

Finally, still screaming for Kevin

Catherine O’Hara recreating her Home Alone 2 scream in a video reposted to TikTok brought on what’s become an annual wave of reactions from people surprised that the same woman was playing Moira on Schitt’s Creek. Clickbait attempting to convey the confusion brought on a ratio of ridicule to the point where Glamour deleted this tweet: