Neil Young remains the OK kind of boomer

Canadian celebrity catch-up special

“I was just offered millions of dollars for a tour to do Harvest,” Neil Young told the magazine published by the organization formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons. “Everyone who played on Harvest is dead. I don’t want to do that.” The imminently new U.S. citizen also discussed his anti-commercial stance with Conan O’Brien.

A new age-appropriate whoa

This hand-holding display is being praised for an age proximity rare in Hollywood—keepers of the “Keanaissance” wouldn’t have it any other way. Keanu Reeves’s relationship with Alexandra Grant was previously reported by the National Enquirer, as the story was among the first to follow the periodical’s new policy of requesting celebrity comment.

Oscar Peterson’s second-strangest distinction of the year. Night Train, the late jazz pianist’s classic 1963 album, has won the Polaris Heritage Prize based on a jury panel, although a parallel public vote opted for punk: D.O.A.’s Hardcore ’81. Regardless, it’ll likely do more for Peterson’s legacy than the discovery that Jeffrey Epstein was a fan.

Lilly’s out looking for angles

A Little Late with Lilly Singh, which launched in mid-September by deleting Justin Trudeau, got a wider Globe and Mail appraisal that summed it up as “a little light.” The lack of topicality relates to its season being block-shot at a quicker clip. But it’s also tricky for such a show to get attention now without trying to feed into the news cycle:

Drake’s Son Adonis Shows Off His Love for Rapper Father by Wearing Adorable ‘I Heart Daddy’ Socks.” Now, contrary to this People headline, the two-year-old likely had no say in the matter. But the Instagram exposure for Drake’s once-secret baby reflects an increasingly harmonic relationship with Adonis’s mother, Sophie Brussaux.

Dirty Work 2 is still lurking

Prospects for a sequel to Norm Macdonald’s 1998 made-in-Toronto movie may be dim, given how its most memorable cameo cast members are dead. But still, its star shared pages from a “500-page script” that director Bob Saget supposedly asked him to write. And, against the odds, Dirty Work co-star Artie Lange is still alive to help with the job:

Share Twelve Thirty Six

The news website that laid off its entire newly hired editorial staff after failing to hire more editorial staff. Freshdaily is the subject of this tale. But the BlogTO spin-off, which launched two weeks earlier, will be fed instead by concomitant contributors.

Finally, the colour of separatism

@Canada did its part to divide the country on Twitter by highlighting unicorn poutine, made by the Enchanted Poutinerie in Toronto. Yet, while much disgust was displayed in response to an anglo tweet, less vitriol came in French: