Neil Young can wait to catch Dinosaur Jr.

Drawls against the pandemic wall

The plan for Montreal’s Corona Theatre to be the first stage for a touring American rock band to perform indoors in Canada has been dashed now that Dinosaur Jr. won’t cross the border in September. Meanwhile, the next Farm Aid concert in Hartford will be without Neil Young: “My soul tells me it would be wrong to risk having anyone die,” wrote the cautious Canadian who moved back home.

Price paid for fake invoices

The Ontario PCs apologized for mailings to past supporters after opposition parties complained about what was designed as an “invoice” for varying amounts. Doug Ford was concurrently wielding the deadline for two MPPs to get vaccinated or face expulsion from the party: they were identified as Rick Nicholls and Christina Mitas.

You’ll forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy.” Justin Trudeau saying at a campaign stop that he’d rather think about families instead gave Erin O’Toole more to pounce on with economic topics. Liberal retaliation involved claiming that Conservatives would restrict abortion access, which pushed O’Toole to reinforce that he’s pro-choice, unlike his predecessor.

Prime times for this Instapoet

Readings that Rupi Kaur staged in February 2020 at the Orpheum Theatre in L.A. were filmed for an on-demand video release that followed it apparently being turned down by streaming services that didn’t see the appeal. Amazon’s appetite for content that can be claimed as Canadian has contributed to a deal that remedies its lack of poetry:

Rock Demers dead at 87. The series of Tales for All films by the Quebec producer, which were dubbed into English, started with The Dog Who Stopped the War in 1984 and The Peanut Butter Solution in 1985. Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller, released in 1988, was also noteworthy for launching the career of a 12-year-old Rufus Wainwright.

Finally, an animalistic sister act

Cartel Madras uploaded The Serpent and the Tiger amidst a growing amount of attention that comes with a deal with Sub Pop Records and their own genre, branded “goonda rap”. Contra and Eboshi Ramesh, sisters who emigrated from Chennai, India, to Calgary, figured out how to perfect their flow through pandemic living in two cities: