MyPillow fight is too stuffed for Rogers

Long weekend cancellation corner

The list of retailers that stopped selling MyPillow in response to the U.S. election fraud claims of its inventor and CEO Mike Lindell includes the Rogers-owned shopping channel. Since he previously appeared on TSC to hawk his made-in-Canada bedding, Lindell was surprised that the backlash for his American politics crossed the border.

The death of a record deal

Matthew Good no longer has a recording contract after he was accused by an ex-girlfriend of being “a serial abuser” on an Instagram account she took private after the announcement from Warner Music Canada. The singer-songwriter from Vancouver asked for privacy after he denied those claims.

Black History Month scavenger hunt was the work of an inclusion committee. Durham Region got attention for instructing staff to provide proof of responding to its challenges, like “Have a conversation with a Black employee” and “Dance to a Reggae song.” In response, the Ontario municipality’s statement made a promise to “do better.”

A newspaper play-by-play

The plug being pulled on TSN Radio stations with a Green Day song called “Good Riddance” stoked concern for the future of content tethered to telecoms. But a new light has arrived for Mike Wilner, who was abruptly uncoupled from Rogers after 20 years of discussing the Toronto Blue Jays, which he’ll now be doing for the Star:

Canada’s quarantine hotels bring a lawsuit from a cannabis CEO. Dominic Colvin of CannaPharmaRx is afraid of being “unconstitutionally” forced to be “incarcerated” for three days in a government-selected hotel at a cost of $2,000 if he returns from the Caribbean to Kelowna, B.C. It’s the latest backlash to increasingly enforced federal measures.

Finally, this walk in the park

Small Sins is the indie-rock identity of Thomas D’Arcy, whose synthesized styles stirred mid-2000s MP3 blog talk before he pivoted to production. The upload of a new album, Volume II, picks up where the past left off. With it comes some lyric videos of D’Arcy walking through Toronto’s High Park on Christmas Day for a work of lockdown art: