Mung bean protein isolates are the new Timbit

Listen, it’s way too hot to think today

The trend of fast food making news for being plant-based continues most tenaciously at Tim Hortons, whose new “innovation café” is especially eager to win over millennials.

The lighter side of a manhunt

As the RCMP zero in on two suspected murderers in a tiny Manitoba hamlet, one of their fathers contacted the media—in search of publicity for a self-published memoir.

Scrotum-waxing story still has some distance left to go. Wider attention continues for Jessica Yaniv’s testimony to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal over being denied service by 16 different salons. Those who turned Yaniv down include women who refused on safety and religious grounds.

A stock photo gets explained

Toronto photographer Edward Burtynsky spoke to CityLab about a 2008 shot from his project Oil that has appeared in memes under the assumption that it’s a drive-by snapshot:

Have you seen the lost clocks from Fire Hall No. 9? The city of Toronto is officially in search of the 1878 faces of the clock tower on Ossington north of Queen. One of similar vintage is being restored on Yonge north of College, with its ticking hands intact.

Finally, it’s Patrick Brown’s baby

Theodore Joseph Gualtieri Brown marked his first week of life with a column from Joe Warmington, after being born to the mayor of Brampton and his wife Genevieve: