Moderna joins the convoy crossing the border

The doses will be getting domestic

Production of mRNA vaccines is coming to Canada, thanks to a deal with Moderna to build a manufacturing plant that will help ensure the country doesn’t need to depend on foreign sources for future doses. The holdouts from getting COVID-19 vaccinations are a growing subject of curiosity, but the land border is now open to Americans with proof of sufficient shots.

The calls to call it all off

While the NDP leader is “ready to work” with Liberals to avert an election—having already asked the governor general to refuse a request for one—Jagmeet Singh was up for a rally to remind P.E.I. about his party. Erin O’Toole is similarly agitating against the vote, but he promised Conservatives will boost food self-sufficiency research in Quebec.

Hopefully, people don’t waste money on something inappropriate, insulting or offensive.” Geometric Energy Corporation co-founder and CEO Samuel Reid is talking up plans for a satellite that will allow for advertising in space. The company, based in Calgary, is working with SpaceX; its dealings with Elon Musk initiated via dogecoin.

Summer gets stalled by a fall

The health of Gordon Lightfoot first became a trending topic in 2010, when reports of his passing originated on Twitter. While his manager has said Lightfoot looks like “death warmed over,” the troubadour recently crossed the border to begin a run of concerts. But after his third date in Clear Lake, Iowa, the tour ended up on hold again:

Paul Hellyer dead at 98. The defence minister in Lester B. Pearson’s government also served as an MP from 1949 to 1974, crossing the floor from Liberal to Conservative at the end. Later, he founded the Canadian Action Party, but Hellyer was better known in a world that alleged a government cover-up of the existence of UFOs.

Finally, revisiting sunset village

Beverly Glenn-Copeland can currently be seen as an 84-foot curtain sculpture at New York’s Guggenheim Museum, continuing a career renaissance rooted in rediscovery of an obscure cassette made amid 25 years with Mr. Dressup. The songs of Keyboard Fantasies are next getting a remix album, now previewed with a shot of Blood Orange: