Mike Sloan’s very online approach to dying

Lessons from a man and his fat cat

Being grouchy on Twitter never did much for Mike Sloan, by his own admission. But his honesty about a terminal cancer diagnosis brought on wider attention—he used it to fundraise for youth counselling services in London, Ontario, where he lived. Sloan opted for medically assisted death, 20 days beyond the year engraved on his memorial boulder.

The trials of sanctioning Iran

Meng Wanzhou’s hearing began in Vancouver on Monday. Huawei’s chief financial officer faces extradition to the U.S. on federal fraud charges. Her defence argues the allegations are a facade, noting that without Canadian sanctions on Iran, her alleged fraud crime doesn’t apply. Huawei is officially expressing faith in the system.

Coronaviruses won’t be coming to town, ideally. Canadian airports are introducing a question about whether passengers have travelled to areas affected by the pneumonia that’s gone viral in China. Three possible cases investigated in Canada have been ruled out as coronavirus, which is rousing memories of how SARS struck Toronto.

Doughnut scandal for Trudeau

Because it’s 2020, the selfie-smiling Justin Trudeau of old finally resurfaced in a photo picking up seven boxes of artisanal pastry for cabinet meetings in Winnipeg. What could be more fun than getting mad about how the independent store charges $35 a dozen. (It’s also $47 for a gourmet box.) Oh Doughnuts offered flavourful self-defence:

Pamela Anderson got secretly married to Jon Peters. While her campaigning with Greens—and then asking Justin Trudeau to serve vegan meals in prison—augured a Canadian political future, a romantic reunion led Anderson to Malibu to get hitched for a fifth time. Hairdresser turned movie mogul Peters says that he wanted her all along.

Finally, love where you’re going

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were lashed by the Globe and Mail editorial board for wanting to move to Canada. Now that they’re no longer technically part of the royal family, the Globe has declared those problems solved. The coast was clear for Harry, the potential next governor general, to take that WestJet flight into his Canadian life: