Maxime Bernier sounds ready to serve Toronto

When is the silly season over?

While it’s unlikely Maxime Bernier could win any Toronto byelection seat after his right-wing populist scheme failed in the last federal vote, the People’s Party of Canada leader has to justify his salary somehow. Bernier now sees an opportunity in painting Erin O’Toole as being more like a Liberal.

We is not done with this yet

Charlie Angus wants the federal government to redirect the $912 million earmarked for the botched Canada Student Services Grant to help pay for post-secondary tuition. The call from the NDP MP came with evidence of how Liberal youth minister Bardish Chagger was chatting with We Charity about its idea to run a different small business program.

Nearly 15,000 teachers on Ontario’s sunshine list.” A news release from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, based on responses to Freedom of Information requests, stoked chatter about the number of educators earning over $100,000 a year. But the listed total compensation also includes benefits and pension payments.

The work-from-home resizing

Shopify signed a deal to be the anchor tenant at The Well complex currently under construction in downtown Toronto, adding to its two other office spaces in the city. Then it shifted to seeing the future in more permanent remote work. The indication that Shopify’s flagship Ottawa office is seeking a new occupant reflects the current reality:

The future of journalism might as well be coming from the capital of B.C. Andrew Wilkinson took to Twitter to explain the lessons from a year of funding Capital Daily, which launched with a morning newsletter about his community. The expansion plans include more feature stories, like how the 1980s Satanic Panic originated in Victoria.

Finally, yesterday’s hero is gone

Ian Mitchell, who died on September 1 at age 62, played bass for the Bay City Rollers when they sparked riots in Toronto. He soon returned to his previous band, Rosetta Stone, who stirred Massey Hall mayhem—and three decades later reunited for fans in Mississauga. None of it surpassed the sound of a crowd that was added to one record: