Massey Hall retains the name beneath a brand

They hope Neil Young will remember

The refurbished Massey Hall will be part of a larger complex called the Allied Music Centre, where two other stages and studio will be part of a complex named by the Toronto real estate developer. But since it’s still under construction, its most reliable resident, Gordon Lightfoot, turned to the El Mocambo to perform virtually live in 2020.

Guns are drawn at Fort Dork

CBC defining new guidelines for branded content met with fresh dissent from more than 500 current and former employees opposing its existence. The campaign against Tandem included leaking a recording of an online town hall meeting, in which CBC president Catherine Tait asked staff to avoid taking debates like these to the streets.

Trudeau’s half-brother is an anti-vaxxer, bitcoin entrepreneur and (affectionate) critic of the PM.” Kyle Kemper made the front page of the National Post, airing his libertarian views on topics including vaccines. Just before Health Canada approval of Pfizer came questions for Justin Trudeau about who’s liable for side effects.

A streamer is suddenly shifting

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof highlighting “The Children of Pornhub” drew the response he sought from Justin Trudeau, who vowed to further investigate its Montreal-based operation. MindGeek, the company more accustomed to clickbait for its publicity stunts, now finds itself trying to present Pornhub as an ethical operation:

Ritz-Carlton Montreal ended up on the hook for too many toys. A promise to reward every share of an Instagram post with a gift to a child spending their holidays in a hospital was revoked after it passed the one million mark. While the luxury hotel said it made a mistake and will donate 1,000 toys instead, social media can’t easily forgive.

Finally, what’s up doc, eh?

Eric Bauza was named in July 2018 as the seventh guy to do the voice of Bugs Bunny, among other characters initiated by Mel Blanc, as part of the revival of Looney Tunes. But it’s Bauza doing Bugs in an upcoming feature that’s shined more of a spotlight on him being from Scarborough, as the world awaits the updated take on Space Jam: