‘Manipulated media’ for election week two

Twitter resembles real life after all

Twitter added a “manipulated media” warning label to a tweet from Chrystia Freeland with a video that showed Erin O’Toole saying he’d bring privatized health care to Canada, having removed the adjacent part where the Conservative leader says universal access remains paramount.

Chalking this up to nostalgia

The promise to rebrand a riding with the name of a politician remembered by current voters is the kind of thing Jagmeet Singh could count on getting ratioed for. Fortunately, the NDP only benefits from the kind of Liberals on Twitter who pick on screenshots from TikTok, or argue that voting for Singh only helps Erin O’Toole.

Ontario needs a public health system that is arm’s length from politics.” Dr. David Fisman tweeted his view that the province was covering up projections for “a grim fall” before he announced his exit from the science table. Doug Ford once slammed Fisman for doing concurrent paid consulting for the elementary teacher’s union.

New beasts arise in the east

Fighting over the Dominion Foundry Site in Toronto has been settled after the city and province agreed to save two of the heritage buildings that had been marked for demolition to build a housing project. Meanwhile, another sign of development of that eastern side of downtown will include a beacon of the boom in online sports betting:

Maroon 5 are set to be the first major U.S. act to cross the border in September. A date at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage is being kept by the hit makers, even as restrictions in the other direction remain until at least September 21. But the four-band bill of Moist, the Headstones, the Tea Party and Sloan has cancelled a November tour.

Finally, a song of two summers

JP Saxe is the Toronto singer whose “If the World Was Ending” came out nearly two years ago. What was written about lovers reuniting in an apocalypse is a duet with Julia Michaels—their love blossomed under quarantine. Appropriately, it was also performed before the Central Park concert that was shut down before lightning struck: