Maggie and Pierre still haunting Justin Trudeau

Plus, some pleading from Street Legal

Certain Woman of an Age will debut in May at Second City—that is, Second City in Chicago. Margaret Trudeau, who threaded her life story through four different books, is turning those experiences into something theatrical

SNC-Lavalin snow won’t melt so soon

I was not aware of that erosion of trust, and as prime minister and leader of the federal ministry, I should have been.” Justin Trudeau woke up the country with his statement of contrition—but he clarified that this wasn’t an apology. The press conference included some seemingly strategic references to Papa Pierre.

Ron Taverner doesn’t want to be the OPP commissioner, after all. Doug Ford’s family friend withdrew from consideration after three months of what Taverner calls “the controversy.” The premier sees it all as an insult to front-line officers. (DoFo’s cop son-in-law, Dave “The Juggernaut” Haynes, is currently vacationing with guns in Florida.)

Peter Mansbridge tries KonMari

The National’s former anchor donated 19 storage boxes to U of T. Also this week, Mansbridge’s wife Cynthia Dale returned on CBC’s new Street Legal, which drew about 376,000 viewers—a number low enough that she apparently felt compelled to thank everyone who mentioned the show on Twitter:

Alex Trebek has stage four pancreatic cancer. “I’m going to fight this,” declared the 78-year-old Jeopardy emcee, pointing out that he has three years left on his contract. The supportive salutes flowed for Canada’s greatest border-crossing quiz show host.

MuchMusic is down to one hour

Canadian Press confirms that Much cancelled morning music videos in favour of six hours of Cancon comedy reruns—limiting its traditional musical offerings to the Much Retro Lunch. The legacy of MuchMusic also lives in snarky Twitter replies to a former VJ:

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will now prioritize privacy. But it’s unclear how his proclamation will affect FB’s other promises, related to everything from election integrity to accelerating journalism. And then there’s the targeted advertising: The Tyee found a flaw that let anyone zero in on one user

Finally, a certain kind of rewind

Blockbuster Video is closing at the end of March in Perth, Australia, which will leave Bend, Oregon with the last location standing from a chain that peaked in 2004 with 9,094 stores. Meanwhile, it’s a two-and-half hour drive from Toronto to see this ghost: