Looking into the face of lockdown protests

The lack of masks are making it easy

Comments from the soon-to-be-former mayor of Calgary about the attitudes of anti-mask protest attendees coincided with concern over Naheed Nenshi’s aspiring racist replacement acquiring a voters’ list. Meanwhile, a rally in Barrie brought more charges to rogue MPP Randy Hillier. But more of Ontario simply yearns to golf.

Problem with counting to C-10

After he told CTV’s Question Period broadcasting regulations could apply to individuals with large enough online followings, Steven Guilbeault backtracked to say that’s not the case, as the heritage minister continues struggling to explain the aims of the proposed amendments to Bill C-10. In the end, the process has illuminated an influence of Quebec on culture policy.

Vice Media Targets Valuation of Nearly $3 Billion in Proposed SPAC Deal.” The impending pitch to investors involves getting past the complications of a prior $5.7 billion valuation. In this scenario, Shane Smith would stay as executive chairman, in the wake of selling his $48.7 million house to a way wealthier Canadian, Taylor Thomson.

Lamb now grazing High Park

Toronto condo developer Brad Lamb became central to a recent story about how tenants living above an auto repair shop marked for development were displaced due to a carbon monoxide link. Now, this Lamb has come up again with plans that involve levelling another nearby repairer whose sign has big feelings:

Coldplay is sorry not sorry for having once caused a riot in Toronto. Alan Cross was interrogated by the cops because of insufficient crowd control when the band visited the 102.1 the Edge storefront studio in 2005. Chris Martin has been doing virtual promotion with the ambition of getting his middle-aged act back on the pop airwaves.

Finally, outwitted on a spectrum

Elon Musk revealed he has Asperger syndrome during his monologue on Saturday Night Live, but claiming to be the first such host was quickly corrected. The honour belongs to Dan Aykroyd, giving them more in common than a history with Kingston. Musk also achieved the feat of preventing SNL from being geo-blocked on YouTube: