Looking for a law to curb anti-vaxxers

The pursuit of a calmer autumn

Plans by the Ontario NDP to introduce a bill that makes targeted harassment of those following public health rules in “safety zones” comes after Bar Vendetta in Toronto being targeted by protesters. Meanwhile, provincial education minister Stephen Lecce getting his home singled out for a protest was tied to larger intimidation aspirations.

A different political mask story

TakeCare Supply was a booming brand at the start of the pandemic, but a designer says she was cut out of the business that sold more than 750,000 masks and made more than $7 million in sales in its first six months. Kevin Vuong, now running to be a Liberal MP in the Toronto riding vacated by Adam Vaughan, denies the allegations.

The important thing for us is to be prepared. We planned for high volumes to be sure we would be ready.” Elections Canada responded to the Canadian Press raising the fact that the initially estimated demand for two- to five-million mail-in ballots has yet to materialize. It’s easy to see how it’s going because the agency is disclosing that data, now around 300,000.

New lands of the misty giant

The legacy of Oscar Peterson will be honoured in Montreal with a new public square along McGill College Avenue, adding to the hometown commemorations of the pianist who died in 2007 at age 82. He’s also got a few tributes in Toronto, the latest of which is a radio stream for all things Oscar, with occasional original programming:

Jacques Drouin dead at 78. Mindscape was the best known work of the Quebec pinscreen animator who primarily worked for the National Film Board of Canada. The seven-and-a-half-minute film about a man who wanders into his own painting involved 10,800 individual designs. Drouin later used the technique on three other NFB shorts.

Finally, expect more rap drama

Drake essentially invented the relationship between music and memes. So, the pregnant woman emoji pattern, designed by Damien Hirst for the cover of Certified Lover Boy, brought on responses from an expectant dad take by Lil Nas X to a spot of Canadian condom marketing. But sometimes Toronto people still look up from their phones: