Liberal promises in the face of blackface

And a dressup remains unexplained

Justin Trudeau promised that a re-elected Liberal party will enact a pharmacare plan, raise the personal income tax deduction to $15,000 and cut cellphone bills by a quarter. He also opened the door to a handgun ban if the provinces would be willing to play along. Just don’t look for him to voluntarily answer what that third blackface costume was about.

A blackface view from elsewhere

The Telegraph stoked U.K. coverage on the night that “Justin Trudeau shocked 500 guests with blackface.” Also, the scandal has put the Canadian election on the radar of American outlets, whether it’s a headline decrying the “Identity-Politics Hypocrite” or saying “Goodnight, Sweet Woke Bae Prince.”

Witnesses insist Faith Goldy had drinks with a future PM in a Captain Morgan moustache. The meetup initiated by Justin Trudeau was investigated by the National Post, although the Liberals continue to deny it ever happened.

Two sides to a unionized story

Soon after the Unifor union at the Globe and Mail condemned upper management for printing an op-ed by Ezra Levant, the same Globe unit led a pushback at its president Jerry Dias, who vows that Unifor will spend every dime it can to oppose Conservatives:

Leonard Cohen gets a stamp for every season. Canada Post unveiled its philatelic tribute to the gloom godfather on what would’ve been his 85th birthday. The occasion also saw the announcement of a posthumous album, and adoration from Lana Del Rey.

Mad era ends with Manmaid’s

While reports about the death of Mad magazine were seemingly exaggerated, illustrator Tom Richmond confirms that its TV and movie parodies won’t be commissioned any longer. As a result, his work on The Handmaid’s Tale spoof marks the last one:

Women's Frights Are Human Frights Dept.
The Manmaid's Tale
Writer: @tammy.golden
Artist: Tom Richmond @art4mad
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September 23, 2019

WWE wrestler Lacey Evans makes a fake enemy of Canada. The female heel stayed in character when she was supposedly pulled over for speeding in Edmonton, based on a Twitter video where she asked the officer if he knew who she was. But after blowback for her behaviour, Evans revealed the confrontation was staged by the WWE and the RCMP.

Finally, exit through the rock shop

Rock Legends Wax Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario, will be closing at the end of September after 22 years, due to the retirement of octogenarian sculptor Pasquale Ramunno—an opera fan whose handmade rock dummies were commissioned by his kids. Ramunno’s approach to the look of those legends helped to keep things quirky: