Let’s hold steady before the first legal 4/20

Quick hits before a holiday weekend

A chain of Toronto cafés that sell cannabis in their back rooms continued to defy charges. Meanwhile, the city’s third legal weed store opens April 20 at Queen and Bathurst—just another step towards making pot super boring.

The price of saving variety stores

Previously, it was estimated that Doug Ford’s beer-in-convenience-stores pledge would cost $100 million—but it’s likely to be multitudes more. Meanwhile, the Beer Store just had a provincial appeal court dismiss a $1.4-billion class action over alleged overcharging.

The most infamous McDonald’s in Canada surrenders the late shift. A streak of complaints to Ottawa police about criminal activity at the chain’s 99 Rideau location finally pushed McD’s to take action. The restaurant’s hours will now be 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

There was no pony anywhere in here

Quebec network TVA confessed that its show Vlog invented claims that a tiny pink-maned horse was roaming Montreal’s Île Sainte-Hélène. The false reports sparked a search.

He Built, Then Nearly Broke, a Successful Beauty Start-Up. Can It Go on Without Him? From the New York Times, a look at how Toronto skincare company Deciem is doing business without its late founder, Brandon Truaxe. The new chief executive, Nicola Kilner, whom Truaxe hired—and twice fired—is overseeing Deciem’s new HQ in Liberty Village.

Alex Trebek wraps up a newsy season

“I’m feeling good,” says the Jeopardy host, six weeks after announcing he has stage four pancreatic cancer. Since then, the show found a new record-breaking contestant. Trebek plans to return for season 36 in September:

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