Let’s get ready to go nowhere again

Another weekend of anxiety is here

Rules that make informal outdoor gatherings illegal or that may require masks in parks are evidently not doing enough to reverse daily records for COVID-19 cases in Ontario. But as potential new workplace restrictions loomed, construction workers in Milton were fired for hiring a stripper to visit their site.

This change remains in the air

House leader Pablo Rodriguez wants an investigation to find who shared the unclothed photo of his colleague Will Amos—its circulation brought the backlash from some who found it no laughing matter.

Why the Liberals Have Become the Most Anti-Internet Government in Canadian History.” Michael Geist reached this conclusion after watching heritage minister Steven Guilbeault promote impending legislation designed to combat online hate. Another proposal would allow service providers to block pirate video streaming.

The stay-at-home Olympics

Jean jacket japery continues with the belated discovery of Canada’s wardrobe for the closing ceremony of Tokyo 2020, which will be an anticipated event on Sunday, August 8. Japan being 11 hours ahead will be less of an issue for the CBC’s plan to dedicate 23 hours a day to its coverage of the Games, made easier by the hosts not leaving Toronto:

The Juno Awards now have a tradition of being postponed. The second delay of 2021 lands the event at June 6, with hopes of getting past the stay-at-home order that prevents live streaming performances in Ontario. An awards show set for last March in Saskatchewan was axed at the last minute, replaced by a quarantined show in June.

Finally, the covered equation

Born Ruffians will go down in history for looking especially prolific in a quarantined year, which kicked off with an album called Juice ready for release last April. Without touring distractions, the act founded in Midland, Ontario, followed up fast with Squeeze in October. A new record named Pulp makes their discography look great: