Come explore your vomitorium of social media

And, the March of newsletter progress

PMO accused of promoting a non-story about obscure retweets. Candice Malcolm got curious about a CBC News piece on politically motivated Twitter trolls, and concluded that it was a smear of specific right-leaning journalists like her. Before recent distractions, democratic institutions minister Karina Gould said the Liberal government may have to crack down further on social media platforms, if perceived “hate speech” isn’t being deleted.

Postmedia CEO pockets a role with Waterfront Toronto

Andrew MacLeod is one of four new directors of the provincial organization entangled with Sidewalk. Meanwhile, the lightly-traded Postmedia stock was suspiciously soaring. Paul Godfrey’s successor still has no time for tweets since his years with BlackBerry:

Martha Stewart is your new guru of cannabis in Canada. Canopy Growth signed her to create CBD products, years after striking a similar deal with Stewart’s cooking show sidekick, Snoop Dogg. (The company is still fighting that trademark dispute from the Toronto Maple Leafs over Leafs By Snoop.)

Celebrity swine approves a sandwich

After recovering from cancer surgery, and signing a deal in Hollywood, the prodigious porker from Campbellville is now sharing enthusiasm for fast food:

Carly Rae Jepsen Once Watched Seal Eat an Entire Loaf of Bread, Plain.” Inspired by a tidbit from an Apple Beats 1 interview with Jepsen, Spin traces Seal’s gluten-free carbohydrate crimes to a charity gala in Winnipeg. Carly Rae clickbait also comes with a couple new songs: 

Finally, at least you can read this?

Gmail users mostly missed receiving 12:36 earlier this week, but everything there is working again now, and you can find the archives here. So, keep the feedback coming about the newsletter, or talk about what you’d like to see more or less of: