Let’s drink to a little extra lockdown living

The extended home stretch begins

With patios in Ontario currently closed until June 14, Victoria Day weekend partying in Toronto shifted to the beaches, where some law enforcement followed amidst the fireworks. Another scene played out at an afternoon car rally in Pickering, where the mayor was chagrined by more than 300 vehicles riding into a Walmart parking lot.

The new servants of the ratio

Erin O’Toole showing off the cold one his wife Rebecca had waiting for him after his run brought on a round of ratioing stoked by Evan Solomon wondering out loud: “What’s the message from a party that needs female voters?” But the tables were turned by the Conservative leader, offering an alternative to Liberals suddenly tweeting about hockey.

Avi Lewis is running for the federal NDP in West Vancouver–Sunshine Coast–Sea to Sky Country. The riding that shifted from Conservative to Liberal now has a star candidate in the Toronto media fixture who was just recently developed a new website, The Breach. Lewis is aspiring to be the third generation of his family to be an NDP MP.

Back to the platform battles

The latest argument against Bill C-10 involves Google leading the argument that digital content regulation could backfire on independent Canadian creators of YouTube videos, who seem to generally agree. Next in the category of Big Tech funding journalism, before Ottawa might force it into more, is Facebook’s new way to make friends:

Rogers betting Tubi will work out better than Shomi or Quibi. The company’s upfront invitation notes a deal with the free streaming service owned by Fox, which is planning a deluge of original content. Meanwhile, the radio side of Sportsnet found a new boss in Dan Toman as part of the media division trying to figure out the future.

Finally, cancelled with two Ls

Russell Peters recently launched a podcast whose guests have included old-school rapper friends, Jon Lovitz, and the mom he flew south to escape Canadian lockdown. Calling it Culturally Cancelled helps clarify the comic’s current disposition, which is further discussed in a virtual meeting that Mikhaila Peterson furnished with her father: