Le Château will be another wall in the mall

The end of a bilingual clothing line

Le Château was named in 1959 because Montreal clothing merchant Herschel Segal figured francophone feelings were worth catering to at that time—although its shift to a fashion-forward image arrived later. Despite recently scoring a federal contract to produce 500,000 hospital gowns, a chain of retail stores has become unsustainable.

Christian college commotion

Ten years ago, Charles McVety was ejected from evangelical television after saying things like gay people prey on children. So the Ontario government bill that proposes letting his Canada Christian College grant university degrees met with loud backlash. Doug Ford insists his supporter McVety isn’t receiving special treatment in the process.

Ellen Barkin is the latest Hollywood star excited to do a 14-day quarantine. She’s the newest addition to the cast of The Man from Toronto, which increasingly sounds like one of those ensemble pursuit comedies with the real-life backdrop of crossing the border to a country with less COVID-19.

Broadsheet finds itself at 22

Canadian publishers uniting to urge the government to get Big Tech to pay for the news they produce made the front page of the National Post. A piece within asks, “What happens when a local newspaper dies?” Postmedia also makes a pledge to restore its roots of printing controversial opinions in a paper now old enough to be a politician:

The curious history of a newspaper comprised of one tan sheet. Coffee News started in 1988 in Winnipeg, when late founder Jean Daum imagined there should be something better to read in a coffee shop than sugar packets. Rob Csernyik, who runs a longform journalism newsletter, fulfilled his fantasy of writing a story about this enigma.

Finally, the heavy metal veteran

Michael Hall recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after a decade of service that focused on being lead guitarist of its rock band, the Spitfire Kings. He enlisted after years of struggling to build on the moderate success he had as a member of the Killer Dwarfs. An interview with Hall about his experience tells a fantastic story: