Kielburgers pay to have their say in print

We at war with more media scrutiny

We Charity laid off 450 of 465 the contract workers hired to administer the Canada Student Service Grant, while promising to have more to say about the controversy in coming days. But the Liberal government is bound to be asked more questions sooner about past family ties and how We looks intertwined with marketing Justin Trudeau. (The PM says he “made a mistake” in not recusing himself from the grant decision.)

Where the fourth estate failed

The Fifth Estate’s look into 40 years of sexual assault accusations involving Peter Nygard includes outlining how the Winnipeg Free Press downplayed allegations that the fashion mogul has denied. Nygard recently filed for the dismissal of a class-action lawsuit from 57 women. He’s hoping to stay in Winnipeg as his empire winds down.

Ubisoft Toronto abuse allegations were followed by the resignation of three top executives. The chief creative officer, global head of HR and Canadian managing director left the video game maker on the eve of its latest product announcements. Claims of its Toronto studio co-founder choking a female employee at a work party preceded his exit.

Stage 3 grows around Ontario

Doug Ford is unveiling plans that allow more indoor businesses to open across the province, in the wake of Ontario proceeding to conquer COVID-19. The Sundowner club in Niagara Falls is still likely to stick with its parking lot patio, which opened without the proper use of its stripper pole, since the bylaw was stipulating no live performances:

Toronto Blue Jays are reportedly wondering if they can roam into Buffalo. The prospect of avoiding cross-border issues by playing the scheduled games at Sahlen Field may be scuttled by its minor-league lighting. Meanwhile, infielder Travis Shaw got particularly cranky about isolating, then apologized for being “tone deaf.”

Locking down a paper chain

Ten years after Postmedia was founded, newspaper chains are still appealing to hedge funds and private equity. And now NordStar Capital appears to have secured its acquisition of Torstar, by boosting its bid to $60 million. The face of its last-minute price-raising rival believes it foreshadows the Toronto Star marrying the National Post:

Ben Mulroney debunks a story about how his wife Jessica is looking to write a tell-all about Meghan Markle after failing to restore their frayed friendship. “FALSE,” tweeted the husband of the woman who Daily Mail sources claimed was mulling this route because “she has nothing to lose.” But the report travelled widely regardless.

Finally, this sour beer fell flat

Karen Cherry Sour was announced as a new flavour by Calgary brewery Common Crown, but the branding didn’t last long. Reactions on social media accused it of being insensitive, and Common Crown itself then admitted to being “tone deaf to racial developments.” Sometimes speaking to the manager gets the desired result after all: