Kathleen Wynne’s portrait calms new premier

Doug Ford said some nice things

“Doug Ford and I don’t agree on anything, really. But he is the premier, and it’s the position that’s important,” said Kathleen Wynne upon the unveiling of her official portrait, by Toronto artist Linda Kooluris Dobbs. The ceremony was also a stage for Ford to show a civilized side, as a wave of Ontario PC cuts continue to get rolled back.

It’s not a fake job after all

The branding of “middle class” as a Liberal platform concept that demanded its own federal cabinet minister was manifested through Mona Fortier’s proposed tax cut announcement, even though Bill Morneau remains the main face of these ideas. The federal government also hopes to follow through with a new tax on digital giants.

Mayor Pete bread truthers rejoice at the prospect of an answer. McKinsey & Co. has given Pete Buttigieg permission to release the names of clients he consulted for. The work included analyzing prices for an unnamed Toronto grocery chain. We might learn of a link between the U.S. presidential candidate and the once-fixed price of bread.

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Empire Company strikes back

The announcement of 10 forthcoming Ontario locations for Farm Boy, including five in Toronto, reflects the ambitions of a chain defined by its co-CEO Jeff York as “Whole Foods but 25 per cent cheaper.” The expansion also reflects how Sobeys owner Empire Company Limited, which bought Farm Boy last year, seeks urban credibility:

Nathan Downer is the new Ken Shaw. The 11-year fixture of CP24 took his seat on CTV News Toronto’s noon show and will become the 6 p.m. co-anchor after Shaw steps aside on January 6. While his talents previously took him from Flow 93.5 to Global TV, Downer’s most viral CP24 moment involved Mike Tyson cursing him out in an interview.

Champion of underscores

Bianca Andreescu won the 2019 Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s athlete of the year, becoming the first tennis player to win that award from the Toronto Star. Naturally, she also figured in Twitter Canada’s year in review, as @Bandreescu_ accrued 52 times the following of a year ago. And only some of the credit for that is due to Bianca’s mom.