Just one week remains of a very strange April

The trees will be free next year

Current signs of our times were posted outside the fences erected around Toronto’s bloomed cherry blossoms in High Park. Basketball nets were blocked in parks amid unticketed beach volleyball players. But a party on Queen Street West was busted by cops, while Star Trek: Discovery paused production due to an off-set contact tracing.

A resistance gets undressed

The anti-lockdown action has moved north in Ontario, in tandem with the restrictions being protested in places like Peterborough. Barrie had a popular rally, where protesters ignored COVID-19 victim names written in sidewalk chalk. The Church of God at Aylmer also persisted with services after a bust where two of those charged were Toronto cops.

Emily Victoria Viegas, 13, is one of the youngest people in Canada to die from COVID-19.” The Globe and Mail told the story of a Brampton warehouse worker whose wife was on oxygen at the hospital while their isolated daughter’s breathing became more laboured. The coverage has bolstered donations to a GoFundMe.

This blaze has a storyline

Pornhub owner Feras Antoon building a mansion just north of Montreal, which 220 trees were cut to build on the border of a nature reserve, factored into recent federal scrutiny of the company he co-founded. The property was recently listed for $19 million while still under construction. Police are seeking suspects who set multiple fires:

Marci Ien let slip that the federal government is looking to regulate all apps. The upcoming motion was inadvertently revealed by the Liberal MP in a hearing over Bill C-10, which proposes adding a digital layer to the federal Broadcasting Act. An exemption for social media platforms from CRTC regulation was removed during the latest review.

Finally, in post-romantic traffic

Tate McRae is looking to repeat the success of her gloomy breakthrough with a post-pandemic duet with Australian pop star Troye Sivan. But the 17-year-old from Calgary stays on brand by calling her own EP Too Young to Be Sad, whose “Wish I Loved You in the ’90s” video follows Spoons and Grimes in leaning on Toronto subway tiles: