Just not ready for endless election advertising

The angriest TV revival of them all

A reunion of exasperated analysts from 2015 Conservative ads about how Justin Trudeau was “Just Not Ready” comes from third-party advertiser Shaping Canada’s Future, whose apparent Alberta origins remain vague. These spots mirror commercials from Engage Canada, which aired during the NBA Finals.

Some tough talk from this Rock

Allan Rock, once a Liberal justice minister, is part of an international commission on election integrity. Its call for an online crackdown follows democratic institutions minister Karina Gould pondering a blackout of online platforms that violate Canadian law during the election.

Poll about Fake News serves every outlet trying to be a balm. Ipsos survey numbers suggest that digital misinformation remains rampant, although few polled Canadians want the government to stop it. But still, it’s a relative few who want to pay for news.

All of the worriers about the Warriors

A video that purports to show a Golden State fan getting sucker punched on Toronto streets was a subject of news coverage, even though the incident hasn’t been verified. Debunkers pounced faster upon Barstool Sports making a meme inspired by those Toronto fans cheering Kevin Durant’s injury during Monday’s game:

Rockford, Illinois has its own Jurassic Park. The hometown of Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet held an outdoor game viewing that went so well they’ll do it again. (But the mayor of Rockford doesn’t have John Tory’s blazer.)

You can’t flush this

Toronto cops were called to a Bay Street office complex regarding an “oddly shaped/suspicious object” floating in a men’s room toilet bowl. What they found was less scatological than possibly first imagined:

Serviette is also to serve the youth. And that’s why being walked over in Vancouver, B.C., will be perfect for me.Nardwuar the Human Serviette’s impending Hall of Fame star on Granville Street was a reason for him to be interviewed by Carol Off on As It Happens.

Finally, runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty

“Hot Child in the City” was a 1978 chart-topper for Nick Gilder, on both sides of the border. Gilder and co-writer James McCulloch will finally have their song, which was inspired by seedy Hollywood nightlife, inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 17.