Just another work-from-home awards show

TIFF keeps celebrity worship alive

Some celebrities who couldn’t appear at the Toronto International Film Festival were rounded up for a virtual TIFF Tribute Awards, at which cinema was celebrated at their sheltered personal spaces. CTV’s broadcast also featured Shawn Mendes singing Stevie Wonder, and etalk co-host Tyrone Edwards, now anointed as the new Ben Mulroney.

The year has gone to seed

La Presse looked into whether Justin Trudeau’s tree pledge was on track nearly after its launch and discovered that no trees were planted in that time, even though the pandemic summer provided a good window for it to happen. The federal Liberals promise to catch up on the commitment Trudeau made on the day he met Greta Thunberg.

Thieves Posing as Truckers Stole $230,000 Worth of Beef and Some Hot Tubs.” A representative of “Transport Pascal Charland” of Chateauguay, Quebec, picked up some Alberta meat that never reached its expected destination. The same fraudulent company was tied to the truck that took seven hot tubs without permission.

The umasked face of Fabricland

Canada’s foremost cloth retailer is an emphatic enforcer of face-covering policies due to COVID-19. But a Fabricland store in Calgary was also the setting for a uniquely viral confrontation, in which a woman berated the staff asking her to wear a mask and then vowed to come back for an apology after the pandemic is proven to be a hoax:

The media marketing game is seized by 6ixBuzz. Backpack and ice cream giveaways in Toronto’s inner suburbs from the often controversial Instagram meme account reflects how a generation is getting more news that way. Meanwhile, the prospect of forcing the likes of Facebook to pay for linking to larger Canadian outlets still looms.

Finally, a mascot’s fuzzy future

Eggy the Ram is a nickname inspired by the public education advocate whose on-campus statue has endured defacement. But even if the Toronto university’s link to Egerton Ryerson remains intact, the campus newspaper investigated whether the school might delete this cheerleading sheep: