Just another Trump tantrum, about Trudeau

And a last glance at #BreadTruth

Donald Trump called Justin Trudeau “such a child” and a “total baby” and said the Canadian PM has “no smarts” and “zero toughness,” according to The Daily Beast story on a closed-door White House meeting. But attention to what POTUS thinks got overshadowed by Andrew Scheer’s resignation as Conservative leader.

Bread truthing week in review

Now that Pete Buttigieg’s campaign has claimed that he didn’t hear of bread price-fixing until recently, despite having worked on spreadsheets for McKinsey & Co. about how to raise profit at Loblaws while cutting prices, the U.S. presidential race has lost its greatest Canadian angle. But bread truthers have found reasons to persist on Twitter.

Barry and Honey Sherman’s bodies were found posed like the sculptures in their basement.” The latest from Kevin Donovan, coming nearly two years since the deaths he wrote the book about, concerns two art figures in their house—and other speculation about a surprise attack. If nothing else, it’s grist for more message board theorizing.

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Montreal’s war on twilight vinyl

Amidst the stories about the efforts to overturn the secularist Bill 21, and premier François Legault telling California’s governor that “all French Canadians” are Catholic, comes a classic Quebec story: record stores slapped with nearly $3,000 in fines for staying open past 5 p.m. on weekends:

CBC doubling down on product-placement game shows. Fridge Wars has been scheduled for February. But sooner comes the launch of Family Feud Canada. These shows are surfacing in tandem with CBC Brand Space on Facebook, separate from content like “Which sweet treat are you?

The flipside of Canadian hype

A Little Late with Lilly Singh is wrapping up production on its first season, with episodes banked for NBC to air in the winter. Despite the following she accrued on YouTube, viewer enthusiasm couldn’t match positive mainstream media reviews for Singh’s approach to late-night comedy. Better luck at trying again will come next year, maybe?

Finally, the newsletter will return on Monday, December 16. And there was an error in yesterday’s edition of 12:36, which stated that Citytv has scheduled seven prime time reruns a week of Mom, in addition to two daily reruns from 7 to 8 p.m. In fact, one airing is a simulcast with CBS: tonight, a new Mom lands in the middle of six reruns.