Jordan Peterson’s room of gloom is now clean

The empire striking back into March

Mikhalia Peterson is taking credit for building her dad’s media empire, upon the release of Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, noted as the rare self-help book prefaced by details of the author’s ill health. Promoting it quickly led Jordan Peterson to swear off doing unfriendly interviews, while a few of his publisher’s staff wish he was cancelled.

The new rules of isolated life

Quarantine hotel tales include long wait times and lacking options along with tales of pandemonium before confinement with lousy food. No wonder risking a fine for walking away holds more appeal. But the guidelines that advised two weeks isolation for Peel Region children who tested positive for COVID-19 were acknowledged as overreach.

I think they want me to be confused. And I think they want all of you, as donors, to be and stay confused.” After he spoke to a parliamentary ethics committee, American journalist Reed Cowan isn’t buying We Charity’s claim that a school in Kenya dedicated in honour of his late son was accidentally rededicated in another name.

A pair of Sportsnet eras end

Rogers Sports and Media announcing that television and radio broadcasts of Toronto Blue Jays games will be the same thing enraged lifelong listeners, including Mike Wilner, who was evidently dismissed as part of the plan. Also, the move of Sid Seixeiro from Sportsnet to Breakfast Television ended with his weepy goodbye to Tim Micallef:

Torstar is readying an online casino betting brand. Pending regulatory approval, the new owners of the Toronto Star expressed hope that gambling will help fund journalism. Meanwhile, even though the Competition Bureau cleared Postmedia and Torstar over a 2017 newspaper swap, both companies knew about corresponding cuts.

Finally, the four-hour startup

Recipeasly was a concept dating back to 2013, reflecting the dreams of a developer from Guelph to have recipes published without the ads or other text. The application was announced late Sunday afternoon, followed by an instantaneous backlash about how it amounted to pillaging content from others. It was all taken offline with apologies:

Twitter avatar for @redmanTom Redman @redman
I'm sorry, we hear you. Given the feedback, we are taking down as we re-examine our impact on the community. Our goal is to amplify the voices & content of creators, not diminish them. And if we come back, it'll be with changes where we have fallen